Workout of the Day

200710 Workout

Clean & Jerk (Weightlifting)Level Method Testing (Weightlifting) (Clean&Jerk Test done)12 EMOMLvl White – Purple II: Hang Power Clean 3RepsLvl Purple II and higher: Power Clean 2 Reps @ 80% of PR „Fran“ (Lactic Tolerance) TC`6,521-15-9Thruster 42,5/30kgPull ups (Lactic Tolerance Test done)6,5 AMRAPWall Balls

200709 Workout

10 EMOM KB (Stamina)Level Method Testing Annie: (Neurological and Core Endurance) TC10 50-40-30-20-10 Double Under 50-40-30-20-10 Sit ups (Neurological and Core Endurance Test done)10 AMRAP30 Double Under10 TTB/KR/SU

200708 Workout

PU/Press/HSPU/Press (Upper Body Push)Level Method Testing (Upper Body Push Test done)12 EMOM Strict Press5 Reps @ 75% of Press PR oder für alle LVL unter Lila 5 Reps mit moderat schweren Gewicht „Diane“ (Upper/Lower Endurance) TC` 821-15-9Deadlift 100/70kgHSPU (Aerobic Endurance Test done)8 AMRAP5 Deadlift 100/70kg5 HSPU/PU

200707 Workout

Deadlift (Lower Body Pull)Level Method Testing (Lower Body Pull Test done)12 EMOM Deadlift5 Reps @ 70% of PR 20 Minutes max Distance Rowing (Aerobic Endurance)Level Method Testing (Aerobic Endurance Test done)20 AMRAP500m Row15 CTB/PLU/RR50 Double Under

200706 Workout

Upper Body PullLevel Method Testing (Upper Body Pull Test done)10 EMOMLvl White: Ring RowsLvl Gelb: Chin over Bar HoldLvl Organge: negative PLUAb Lvl Blau: 1-10 Strict PLU“ Level Method Test„Fight gone Bad“ 3 Rounds of (Aerobic Power Intervalls)1 Minute Wallballs1 Minute HPCL 35/25kg1 Minute Box Jumps 60/50cm1 Minute Push Press 35/25kg1 Minute Burpees1 Minute Rest

200702 Workout

10 EMOM Kettlebell-TestLevel Method Testing (Stamina) „Annie“ Level Method Testing50-40-30-20-10Double UnderSit upsfor athletes who didn`t make it to purple in the warm up:50-40-30-20-10high Single Under25-20-15-10-5weighted Box Step ups