Trainingsgewichte berechnen 2ter Block #GSPOpenPrep2016



Snatch kein tng (Timecap 20min)

1×3 @ 80%

2×3 @ 85%

2×3 @ 90%




3×3 @ 65% (von 3RM)

3×3 @ 70%


Ring-Dips 7×5 @60%



Open 15.4

Complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of:

3 handstand push-ups

3 cleans

6 handstand push-ups

3 cleans

9 handstand push-ups

3 cleans

12 handstand push-ups

6 cleans

15 handstand push-ups

6 cleans

18 handstand push-ups

6 cleans

21 handstand push-ups

9 cleans

Etc., adding 3 reps to the handstand push-up each round, and 3 reps to the clean every 3 rounds.


Men clean 185 lb.

Women clean 125 lb.



Prior to starting this workout each athlete will need to stand against the wall and measure and mark their foot line for the handstand push-ups (details to the left). At the call of “3-2-1 … go,” the athlete will kick up into a handstand and perform handstand push-ups. Once 3 handstand push-up reps are complete they will move to the barbell for 3 cleans, then back to the wall for 6 handstand push-ups, then 3 cleans, etc. Each round, the number of repetitions of the handstand push-ups will increase by 3. After every 3 rounds, the number of clean reps will increase by 3. Athletes will continue following this pattern for as many reps as possible within the 8 minutes.


Your score will be the total number of repetitions completed before the 8-minute time cap.



Cool-down und Mobility:

10min easy Row

3min Couch-Stretch pro Bein

5min Herren-Spagat

3×5 Kniestand absenken

Für alle Athleten mit Bewegungsdefiziten ist dieser Teil ein MUSS, um an ihren Schwächen zu arbeiten





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