151208 – Competition

Block #3 of #GSPOpenPrep2016

Prescription for the weights you should use in the strength part


DL (3RM)

1×2 @70%

2×2 @75%

2×2 @80%

1×2 @85%



10×3 @ 65%/1RM in first week! (today week 6)

Every week we will increase by 2,5kg total form en and 2kg total for women.


  1. Use your real 1RM not lifetime PR
  2. Dont increase more than 2,5kg / week!
  3. If you miss one rep you stop the benchpress for this day. Increase the following week again but do only the amount of sets you finished last week as prescribed.
  4. Go on like this, until you only got one set of 3 reps left.



10min EMOM:

5min work up to a heavy complex of: 1x PCl+1xHPCl+1xHSQCl+1xPJ+1xSJ

5min finish EMOM with heaviest weight possible



5min EMOM

3-6 strict HSPU



3 Rounds:

Max reps seated KB Press (use a weight you can press 15x in our first set)

2min Transition

8 Rounds:

30sec row for cal, 30sec rest




Cool-down and Mobility:

10min easy Row

3min Couch-Stretch per leg

5min split practice

3×5 Kniestand

Weightlifting: www.langhantelathletik.de

Nutrition: www.pr-your-life.de

Coaching & Programming: www.gregor-schregle-performance.com