201005 Workout

Upper Body Pull
Level Method Testing
Coaches Note: go together in teams of 2, keep 1,5m distance at all times, let the partner who is waiting step away!

If Athletes already did the Upper Body Pull Test:
Lvl White: Ring Rows
Lvl Gelb: Chin over Bar Hold
Lvl Organge: negative PLU
Ab Lvl Blau: 1-10 Strict PLU

Level Method Test
„Fight gone Bad“ 3 Rounds of (Aerobic Power Intervalls)
1 Minute Wallballs
1 Minute HPCL 35/25kg
1 Minute Box Jumps 60/50cm
1 Minute Push Press 35/25kg
1 Minute Burpees
1 Minute Rest

If Athletes already did Aerobic Power Intervall-Test:

20 WB
15 Box Jumps
10 Push Press 60/40kg