Workout of the Day

Workout 28.07.2021

Kraftzyklus Woche 4 Strength and Skill 10 Minuten:TTB Progression und Technik Beginner (white-orange):5` EMOM: Knee Raises Advanced (blue-Black):5` AMRAP:  Knee Raises mit Kick Elite (Red):5`AMRAP: TTB Teams of 2  TC` 25 „Relay Shoulder Beast“ 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Push Press  15/12 cal Echo Bike vor jeder Runde  Wechsel mit dem Partner immer nach einer Runde! Gewichte:  40/30 kg, …

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Workout 25.07.2021

Woche 3/8 Kraftzyklus 1 DL every 3 Minutes for 15 Minutes5 Repsall weights should be „working“ weights and around 70% of 3 RM Hero „White“  25`TC 4 Rounds for time 3 Rope Climbs (x3/Arm single Arm RR) 15 TTB / KR 21  Double KB OH-Walking Lunges 20/12kg 400m run 

Workout 23.07.2021

Woche 3/8 Kraftzyklus 1 Split Jerk 10` Technik Beginner (white-orange):8` EMOM: 3reps Advanced (blue-Black):8` EMOM: 3reps increase weight Elite (Red):8` EMOM: find 3RM (kein TNG) 3 Rounds for time: TC`22 „Stand together“ Teams of 2  50 Partner WallBall`s (both do the SQ) 50 Power Swings (Partner hold Deadhang) 50 cal row

Workout 21.07.2021

Woche 3/8 Kraftzyklus 1 Strength and Skill 10 Minuten:Handstand Push up Progression Beginner (white-orange):5 Minuten: Hold HS 20-30 sec Advanced (blue-Black):5` AMRAP: Pike Push up Elite (Red):5`AMRAP: strict HSPU „Find the Rhythm“ TC` 12 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Double KB/DB Deadlifts (22,5/15kg) Burpees  Double KB/DB Push Press 

Workout 19.07.2021

Woche 3/8 Kraftzyklus 1 Strict Press every 2 Minutes for 12 Minutes6 Repsall weights should be „working“ weights! 9` AMRAP „Fearless“ 3 Ground to Overhead 100/70kg 6 Burpee-Box-Jump-Over 3 Pike Push ups / strict HSPU