our new programming to prepare for the unknown and unknowable from Gregor Schregle (3x CrossFit Regionals and many international Throwdowns) and Christian Thomas (Olympic Weightlifting: 2x World  Championship, 3x European Championship, 9x Germany Championship Winner) starts today!

Goal: get ready to compete in CrossFit Competitions, especially the Reebok CrossFit Games Open 2017!

To bring: Willpower, passion, time

Today is our first day of training and we will kick off with some testings, to know where we are:

write down everything in your training log! (looking for one? Choose our WOD Bibel to track your PRs)



find your 1RM:

hang power Snatch

hang Power Clean



Max reps unbroken of:

Kipping Pullups (no butterfly!)

Ring-Dips (kipping allowed)

Pistols each leg in 1min



500m Row




Mesure your Couch-Stretch: keep your rear knee to the wall, put plates under your frontal foot  and mesure the heights (take a picture).


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