New Season starts with new programming!

our new programming to prepare for the unknown and unknowable from Gregor Schregle (3x CrossFit Regionals and many international Throwdowns) and Christian Thomas (Olympic Weightlifting: 2x World  Championship, 3x European Championship, 9x Germany Championship Winner) starts today!

Goal: get ready to compete in CrossFit Competitions, especially the Reebok CrossFit Games Open 2017!

To bring: Willpower, passion, time

Today is our first day of training and we will kick off with some testings, to know where we are:

write down everything in your training log! (looking for one? Choose our WOD Bibel to track your PRs)



find your 1RM:

hang power Snatch

hang Power Clean



Max reps unbroken of:

Kipping Pullups (no butterfly!)

Ring-Dips (kipping allowed)

Pistols each leg in 1min



500m Row




Mesure your Couch-Stretch: keep your rear knee to the wall, put plates under your frontal foot  and mesure the heights (take a picture).


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